Saturday, 20 July 2013

Summer follow

Hello everyone I would just like to say from now to the end of summer I will be returning any follows of my blog!
thank youxxx Lucy


Hello guys! I have just started a youtube channel showing you step by step drawing! Please subscribe and like my videos: this is my channel

and my first two videos: how to draw a human eye

                                 how to draw a female manga portrait

Thursday, 18 July 2013


Hello everyone! I am brand new to blogger and hope in this blog to teach you all how to draw, please comment and ask me to do posts of different things or in different styles!

Now first, I recommend pxlr the website which lets you edit pics...
This is a picture I did in the style of Jon burgerman. It is really easy...
take a photo of a drawing....

Step 2
Go on to pxlr, click onto advanced and get editing...
Something THIS complex takes a very long time as I think it looks more effective if you go over the outlines in the plain, black pencil.
If you aren't a very confident drawer, or impatient draw something more simple this took 10 mins...